how to increase vertical jump to dunk

Know How to Increase Vertical Jump To Dunk – The Secret to Jumping Higher

Almost everyone can jump, right? A jump is a natural movement and everyone at least has an inborn ability to perform it. However, how high you can jump is dependent on your overall fitness. Another major factor influencing a person’s vertical leap is the strength of their lower body.If you are interested in knowing how to improve your overall fitness and build lower body strength, you are in the right place.

What are the secrets of jumping higher? What are the best ways to increase vertical jump to dunk?

Train your lower leg muscles…Sounds rather obvious but it’s the first real secret to jumping higher. In your mind, you may be thinking that lifting heavy weights is the only way to gain more power to improve the height of your vertical jumps. But there is more. Successful basketballers are now using programs specifically designed to improve vertical jump.

How to choose a vertical jump program

A vertical jump program is one of the most effective ways of learning how to jump higher. It provides you with detailed information on how to build on your jumping height and speed.

Since there are probably hundreds of vertical jump programs available today, some direction on the best program for you should make the selection task easier. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best program to help you increase vertical jump to dunk:

The experience factor

You need a manual that will fit your criteria and deliver the promised height. Don’t be fooled; such a program can only be compiled by professional players and coaches with many years of experience in the game.

Vertical jump has its load of technicalities. A vertical leap record can only be obtained by perfecting a selection of techniques well put across by a professional. If a manual provides anything less, it can have resulted directly opposite to what you are expecting.

What this means is that you need to know the mastermind behind the creation of the training program.

  • Are they professional players with at least 5 years of experience?
  • Do they have in-depth knowledge of sports training?
  • Are they accredited as physical trainers; how credible is the vertical jump program?

If you can tick yes to such questions about the creator of the program, then you at least know the content is correct and there are high chances of increasing your vertical leap.

Easy to understand information

Simplicity is key when you are buying a jump training manual. You don’t want a program with complicated theories or vague instructions. Make sure the written part of the guide is described in easy language. The video sections should also be clear and clean. These are very important aspects of any reliable fitness program and they determine how popular the program is for the consumers.

Video-based workouts

Since vertical jumps are physical activities, they are better demonstrated in videos than in text or pictures. You can easily follow a routine on a video than on written instructions. In fact, some vertical jump exercises are so complex and intense that they can only be followed accurately with visual assistance.

Therefore, consider a training guide with vertical jump workouts in clear and interactive videos.

Time to visible results

Some programs promise instant growth and visible results within days. Others give you a reasonable and suitable time-frame to visible results. When you follow a program like Jump Manual diligently, you can improve the height of your vertical leap in a fortnight.

Before purchasing a vertical jump training program, consider the time-period you are supposed to wait to see results. And also make sure that the program is genuine in its promises.

Personal training tips

The process of increasing vertical jump to dunk is quite complex for many people. It is usual for a user to need personalized guidance to understand some facts and exercises as s/he uses the training manual.

A great vertical jump training manual will have some way of helping you when you need more information or clarification from a professional. Even something as simple as an online support messaging service open 24/7 can make the difference between getting stuck and completing the featured workouts successfully.

What do reviews and testimonials say?

You can judge a training manual by the feedback provided by people who’ve already used it. Most reviews are provided by genuine users’ reports on the benefits or losses of using the program. The information thereof helps you to evaluate the program. You are able to see whether or not it will provide the desired results and if it is a worthwhile investment.

What to expect from the Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is not just a list of exercises. It’s a compilation of detailed and well-illustrated information about the key muscles responsible for jumping, ways of developing these muscles, and the specific exercises you can do at the gym and at home.

The program takes a step-by-step approach to training how to increase vertical jump to dunk. It covers in a unique way the following aspects of vertical jump training:

Exercise selection

Good exercise choices yield good results and it’s inherent that you know what exercises to include in your training program. The program emphasizes on selecting exercises that mimic the speed and movement characteristics of the activities being trained for. It also enlightens you on the right exercises to target specific muscles used for jumping.

Exercise order

You get to understand how to order the selected exercises. Basically, compound exercises that target your weaker muscles are done first.

Suppose you started your workout with calf isolations and later did jump squats. This isn’t a very smart decision because calves don’t contribute as much to jumping as jump squats. There are chances that you will burn out and fail to sufficiently stimulate your upper legs, one of the key muscles used for vertical jumping. Exercise order is, therefore, very important when training to increase your vertical leap.

How to develop different athletic abilities that are required for increasing vertical jump: these abilities include force, capacity, the rate of force development (RFD), and reactivity.

The Jump Manual also guides you on how to measure your progress and adjust your training appropriately. You definitely want to see what you have done to your vertical jump on a week on week basis. With this program, you can check your progress and see how well it’s working for you. Even small improvements should motivate you to constantly train and become better. Eventually, you will be genuinely surprised that you can reach greater heights are able to dunk better, something many athletes desire but only a few actually live this desire. You can be among the few by using the Jump Manual to help you train to increase vertical jump to dunk.

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