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8 Best Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump


The perfect vertical jump can offer you a good advantage in sports and athletics, especially in sports like basketball short jump, where a good and powerful jump is the difference between a good and bad result. Top sportsmen are naturally considered to be blessed with a superhuman spring, allowing them to jump off to incredible heights without breaking a sweat. This is however not true because to reach such incredible jump heights one needs a lot of practice and exercise.

You can also use exercise and training to increase your vertical jumping performance. Most workouts below work on cutting down the reaction time as well as instructing the body on how to jump easily and as quickly as possible. Some depend on strength conditioning, that gives you muscle power for launching off. When combined, they can offer an improvement to your vertical jump. All these exercises not only assist you in increasing vertical jump but also help you to loss some good amount of weight, additionally lets you loss calories and growth your stamina which enables you in increasing your vertical jumping capacity.

vertical jump training program

Key Points To Note Before Embarking On The Best Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump Below

Warming up, it is vital to warm up the muscles before stretching or even performing any strenuous activity in order to increase blood flow to the muscles. Phases Workouts should be broken into phases because as you go on, muscles adapt to the workout intensity making the workout obsolete frequency. Have a constant frequency that ensures for proper, regular, and conclusive workouts. Rest Intervals. Consider taking 1-minute rest in between workout sets. Record Your Progress. Always track how much progress you have made after a workout week. It helps keep you motivated.

Jump better isn’t that much touch. You simply need to perform a little exercise to jump that much better. These kinds of exercises boom your muscular tissues strength and your body flexibility level that is very beneficial in jumping better. All you need to do is to provide some of your time to these workout to that will help you to jump higher. So in case you want to jump higher start doing workout .

Best Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

1). Calf RaisesLet

Best Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

We face it, having scrawny legs will get you nowhere. Whether you are looking to making the perfect dunk, high jump, or just trying to reach out for something in a high place, calf raises are very crucial. You can increase your lower leg bulk by doing at least 1,000 calf-raises a day.

As a testament on the magic of calf raises, Shaquille O’Neal notes that while playing for Louisiana State University, he did 1,000 calf raises per day before bed, which in turn helped his vertical leap to increase by about 12 inches. While 1000 calf raises a fay might sound overwhelming, you can break them down into a manageable scheme of 10 sets by 100 reps, it is totally doable, Amazingly enough, there is no need for equipment.


  • Calf RaisesLet helps to increase your lower leg bulk.
  • Calf RaisesLet assist you to increase your vertical Jump.
  • Calf RaisesLet make your leg muscles powerful.

2). Jumping Over Obstacles

Best Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

This should be your go-to weekend exercises in order to harness explosive jumping power. Jumping over objects, like park benches, will give you small physical markers to surpass. As you grow the height of your obstacles, so does your vertical jumping power.

Jumping over obstacles work to your explosiveness and normal jumping capability. At the same time as doing a Jump over an obstacle you need to use your leg muscles speedy and powerfully which makes your leg muscle stronger which is very beneficial in jumping better. It additionally allows you in case you play any sort of athletic sport from baseball, soccer, basketball, and football.  Jumping over obstacles will let you be extra explosive off the floor while you are jumping so higher place. It has mobility and versatility advantages which assist you to jump better and allow you to construct muscle.


  • Jumping Over Obstacles increase your jumping ability.
  • Jumping Over Obstacles boosts your stamina.
  • Jumping Over Obstacles also help you to develop your Jumping power.

3). Bulgarian Split Squats

Best Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

Bulgarian split squats help build strength on your legs while offering an improvement to your balance. To perform the exercise, position yourself a couple of spaces away from a set bench, place your nonworking leg onto the bench. Only the top part of your foot should step on the bench. Grab a dumbbell on each hand as you stand erect with the chest up. Lower slowly until the back leg’s knee can nearly touch the floor. For an upwards movement, use the heel of the lead foot, one that is on the ground, to push back up to a standing position. That is one rep. Consider performing 4 sets of 7 reps for each leg.


  • The Bulgarian split squats puts a lot much less pressure to your lower back.
  • Bulgarian split squats is one of the best exercises to build your abdominal section strength.
  • Bulgarian split squats help build strength on your legs

4). Depth Jumps

Best Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

You can perform a depth jump by stepping off an exercise box, then jumping up back immediately after touching the ground. It helps improve reaction time in addition to assisting the lower-body muscles to activate if you are in need of catching air.

Start off by standing on the exercise box that should be about 6-8 inches from the floor. Step off, and as soon as you’re in contact with the floor, lift off as high as possible, reaching the arms overhead. Take seconds to recover, then get back on top of the box to repeat. Adhere to the progression below: Week 1: 4×4 reps Week 2: 5×4 reps Week 3: 6×4 reps


  • Depth Jump is a reactionary movement that will help any athlete whether it’s going up and grabbing a rebound, spiking a volleyball or grabbing a pass or interception.
  • Depth Jump develops your muscles.
  • Depth Jump squats boosts your jump.

5). High Rep Squats

Best Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

These bodyweight squats encompass a superb way to train for your vertical jump as the squat stance imitates your lowest crouch position before you perform a vertical jump. Add these to your routine at least twice a week. Increase the number of reps and sets as you progress. When you become tolerant to this regular squats, consider graduating to jump squats for your routine. High rep Squats decrease your body weight by burning some amount of fats.

High Rep Squats also helps you to loss calories and increase your stamina which helps you in increasing your vertical jumping ability. Performing High rep Squats frequently will make you sense a incredible development on your jump height. This workout stresses upon your butts and knee to present strength for an excellent excessive jump.


  • High Rep Squats helps you to build some huge muscles.
  • High Rep Squats also helps to loss some fats.
  • High Rep Squats boost your vertical jump.

vertical jump workout

6). Knee to Feet Jumps

Most people are less familiar with this plyometric movement. How to perform it: Go down to the knees and sit on the heels. Swing the arms for momentum creation as you very explosively jump up, moving your hips forward as you bring your feet and legs directly underneath your body. Brace the body as you make a landing in a squatting position with the arms out to the front. Descend down to a kneeling position, moving down one knee per time. The movement gives extra lower-body power. When performed with a sport specific regimen, it can improve your vertical jump.

Knee to feet jump will help you to increase your jumping ability. Moreover it also increases your stamina. It also helps you to lose weight. With increase exercise, and the whole body getting a workout at the same time, the calories are burnt faster, and combined with perspiration, it leads to reduction in weight.


  • Knee to feet jumps help you to build explosive and athletic lower body.
  • Knee to feet jump will develops quads, glutes and hamstrings pretty well.
  • It also increase your jumping power.

7). Overhead Walking Lunges

exercise to increase vertical jump

When it comes to dumbbell overhead walking lunges using one or two arms, one thing we are going to watch out for is your lower back. Instead of big giant steps while doing overhead walking lunges especially if you are someone where your lower back blows up you should try a litter bit shorter steps. The exercise builds strength, speed, and power in the legs in addition to improving the core strength during jump maneuvers.

Other than helping you to jump better, it additionally permits burning more fats. Gaining muscles is one of the great techniques to burn calories. With every pound of muscle won you could burn around fifty to seventy calories more than regular days. it’s going to additionally build muscle on your quads, your hamstrings, and your glutes and helps you to jump higher.

  • Overhead walking lunges helps you to but strength and speed.
  • This exercise increases the power of your legs.
  • Overhead walking lunges also improves the core strength.

8). Single Leg Squats

exercise to increase vertical jump

The Single leg squat puts plenty much less pressure on your lower back because of the fact that you’re doing the workout on one leg at a time so you can overload your legs correctly while using plenty less usual weight. Single leg Squats is a surely powerful workout.

Single leg squats is one of the quality physical activities to build your abdominal section power. You may never do excessive jumps in case you don’t have properly muscular abdominal.

For a perfect jump, one can never escape from the many kinds of squats. The single leg squat can be done anywhere and without any equipment. It concentrates on the hips, hamstrings, gluteus, and calves as it strengthens the core and assists with flexibility.


  • Single leg Squats develop a great strength in glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings.
  • Single leg squats increase your body flexibility.
  • It puts a less pressure on your lower back.

Conclusion And Statistics

Aside from regular squats, the exercise routine above contains the best exercise to increase vertical jump. They are some of the most conclusive body weight plyometric one can perform in order to gain assistance in improving the fast twitch muscle-fibres that usually enable a person to jump higher in addition to running faster. When talking about the perfect vertical jumps, plyometric is always the key.

A review on the “Journal For Sports Medicine” studies that conducted tests to ascertain effects of plyometric on a vertical jump found out that body plyometric increased vertical jumps up to 8%. Another report showed that plyometric assisted professional sportsmen and women to increase their vertical jump by up to 23%, improving their agility by 8%, and balance by 5%. The exercises above will also assist in improving the lower body’s explosiveness, strength, and power. This will help you to improve on your vertical jump. As a plus, you will also get in great aerobic and anaerobic shape.

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