how to jump higher

7 Powerful Exercises That Will Help You How To Jump Higher

You may have idealized many sportsmen of football, basketball etc. due to their athletic qualities. Here, we are to help you with one of the key quality of sportsman you want to see in yourself. Below, we are going to tell you how to jump higher than you usually do.

how to jump higher


Although, the standard jump height in the male is 16-20 inches and in the female it is 12-16 inches. But, if you really have a desire to know how to jump higher than people around you, you should follow these amazing exercises completely.


Bulgarian split squad is one of the best exercises to build your abdominal section strength. You can never do high jumps if you don’t have well muscular abdominal.

  • Take a bench having a height approx. your knee height.
  • Place your toe of leg 1 on it from behind (folding your knee to the downside).
  • Stand with your leg 2 straight.
  • Now, bend your leg 2 till it makes the 90-degree angle with its thigh, with your knee 1 touching the floor.
  • Stand straight on leg 1 and repeat.

You can straight your hands during exercise to provide extra balance to your body. Moreover, if you are a beginner try to keep a pillow or comfortable thing under knee 1. Also, keep less distance between your legs. As soon as you are getting used to it you can remove the pillow as well as increase the distance.


Want to know how to jump higher with smooth rebounding ability? Depth jump not only increases your vertical jump but your strength of rebounding when doing multiple jumps.

  • Take two benches of different heights (Note: It is preferable to take one bench of height as that of your knee and another half your knee length).
  • Place both the benches in a line with 3 to 4-foot distance between them.
  • Stand on the short height bench.
  • Lift one of your legs outside as if you are hanging it. Now, go down on the ground with landing on both of your legs.
  • As you touch the ground bend yourself for doing a higher jump to land on the knee height bench.
  • Repeat.

Noteworthy, the more pressure you give on your leg while landing between the benches the more rebounding and higher jumps you will get.


When it comes to high jumps you need to improve you not only need to improve your abdominal health but also your upper body strength. The best thing about a deadlift is that it gives your multiple area strength.

  • Take a bar of suitable weight.
  • Stand straight with your feet in the middle under the rod of the bar.
  • Now, bend down and grab the bar with your knees straight.
  • Lift up the bar bending your knees.
  • Stand up straight with the bar holding it for some seconds.
  • Lift down the weights and repeat.

If you are a beginner start with fewer weights to avoid backbone problems. Also, while doing this exercise take proper rest.


Performing jump squat regularly will make you feel a great improvement in your jump height. This exercise stresses upon your butts and knee to give power for an extraordinary high jump.

  • Stand straight and place your legs wide apart from each other to provide maximum balance (as in a regular squat).
  • Place your hands in front of your chest with your elbows bend.
  • Bend your body by means of butts and knees.
  • Get up with a jump, throwing your hands at the back allowing your body to boost in upward direction.
  • Land on the ground, stand straight and repeat the process.

However, if you never heard of squats you should try them first and then go for these jump squats for better results.

how to jump higher


Box jumps exercise is like depth jump exercise (more like depth jump’s first stage). This exercise helps you to do high jumps with proper aims.

  • Place a box of suitable height.
  • Stand straight in front of the box with legs apart.
  • Bend down your knees with your hands swinging to and fro. This is to provide maximum strength to jump.
  • Jump high, throwing your hands behind and land on the box on your foot.
  • Jump back on the floor, and repeat.

Moreover, if you are a beginner you should take low heights (i.e. 6-12 inches). Don’t spread your legs very far from each other while standing or landing. Noteworthy, throwing your hands behind while a jump is a very effective move to boost strength. So, don’t skip it.


You could either do this lying down the floor or on a seat. This exercise not only improves abs but thigh strength and muscles. Here, we are going to tell you’re about the seated knee tucks.

  • Sit on a seat with your back straight.
  • Place your hands before your butts, on the seat. Grab the seat tight.
  • Tilt your back toward the seat by putting all the pressure on your hands.
  • As soon as, you start tilting your back down, also start lifting your legs up.
  • Get back to the original position. Repeat several times.

Even, if you are a beginner there are no precautions in doing this exercise. However, try to have a seat which has perfect balance or start doing knee truck from the floor.


This is a hard exercise to do that all the other written above. You should have an experience in weight lifting if you want to perform this exercise.

  • Take a bar of suitable weights placed on the wreck.
  • Place yourself between the wreck in such a way that you are in the middle of the bar with its rods on your shoulder.
  • Now, take the bar outside of the wreck by means of your shoulder.
  • Bend down your knees on the ground.
  • Get up again repeat.

As this exercise includes very heavy weights. You should have clear knowledge about your stamina (how much weight can you lift). Increase weights slowly.

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