how to increase stemina

4 Powerful Easy Tips on How To Increase Stamina

With our training suggestions, you can double your stamina within a short time – without overloading yourself. Plus we have some great motivation tips for stamina training.

To answer this question that how to increase stamina and not be overburdened, it is enough to run three times a week. Athletes who want to do endurance sports naturally also want to improve their stamina steadily. However, there are some aspects to consider, so as not to give up frustrated. If you are just at the beginning of your endurance sports career then the training successes will come more or less by itself. Alone, the body needs to get used to regular endurance, so endurance improves.

A regular workout of two to three units a week will quickly improve your stamina. Adaptation processes in the body are responsible for this. The muscles work more effectively and the entire metabolism and the cardiovascular system undergo an economization. Beginners thus experience relatively early improvements to their stamina and do not have to do very much to do so except to walk regularly. However, athletes who are more advanced and have years of experience in endurance sports have a much harder time improving endurance. The body and the muscles are used to the constant strain of training and improvements can be achieved mainly with changes in the training plan and setting new stimuli.

Basically, if you want to increase your stamina, you have to train regularly. The running speed plays an important role in endurance training. Running for two or three hours at a moderate pace is quickly achieved through appropriate training. But who wants to achieve improvements even at higher tempi, should train his basic stamina 2. This is the so-called competition endurance and to train them you have to get used to higher speeds with the same length of the load. It should also be noted that the body must learn to regenerate effectively in order to be ready for the next training session.

How Professionals Increase Stamina

Here are our tips for effective stamina training that answers the question that how to increase stamina.


how to increase stamina

Do not just run, but set a different goal for each of the three weekly runs:

The first day of training

Once a week, preferably on weekends, a slow steady run must be on the program. The pace is hardly stressful, but the track length should be gradually increased.

The second day of training

In the second session, you vary the speed between super fast and very slow at will. They should always come out of breath completely, but in between, you can recover again. This is called a “driving game”.

The third day of training

The third training belongs to your easy feeling of well-being. So suggest a relaxed running speed that you feel challenged but not overwhelmed.


On the day of the long run, from the first step, make sure that you walk really slowly. The right tempo can be recognized by the fact that you never feel like you’re out of breath.

Effectively you should be at least 90 seconds per kilometer slower than on an easy day. So if your feel-good pace is 6:00 min/km then the long run should be 7:30 min/km.


During ten kilometers of your personal running you are fast, but in the marathon you have problems. Then you should work on your stamina ability over the long distances. In terms of the marathon, this means that your marathon target pace is the center of your workout.

 You should keep the same pace of running until it is as natural as breathing. Your body and especially your legs should be prepared for it, without excessive effort and practically automatically falling into the necessary running rhythm.


Do you need motivation? Always keep the positive effects in mind during training. These are the beneficial side effects of stamina training:

Increased calorie consumption: The longer you walk, the more calories you burn, which in turn means you get rid of excess pounds.

Better aerobic performance

Did you know that in loose long runs (the longer, the better), the number of blood vessels and mitochondria in the active musculature increases? This, in turn, improves their ability to process oxygen. And that means you will not get tired that fast – not just while running.

More muscle power

The greater the stamina, the longer you can run and the stronger all the muscles involved in the running movement, but above all the most important improvement that happens while running is in the heart muscle.

More willpower

Running a little bit longer week after week costs overcoming. But when you have actually doubled your running ability after six weeks, you have also become much stronger mentally.

More Productivity: As your stamina increases, so does your job performance: you become more stress-resistant, more balanced, and you may venture to do tasks you never thought possible before.

New Research

Numerous studies have proven that runners who know how to increase stamina can not only run longer but also get faster. And by that, we do not mean the sprint ability, but the performance over competition distances of 5 to 10 kilometers.

I hope you guys have a better understanding of how to increase stamina.

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